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Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Dear friends,

As most of you know, I am a Personal Injury Attorney and have been representing people like you, me and our family and friends against insurance companies and big business for over 25 years. When insurance companies refuse to fairly compensate people for the way their lives have been changed, we have always been able to present their case to a jury for them to decide what is fair and just.

However, there is a big push in Washington under the new administration to do away with your right to a jury trial, to cap your pain, suffering and loss of quality/enjoyment of life at $250,000.00 regardless of how seriously you were injured or how severely your life has changed due to someone else's carelessness. There is a Bill pending in Congress at this very minute which will severely limit our rights and limit access to our court system when we are injured. This is the gateway to mandatory arbitration anytime you are harmed, and that system tremendously favors insurance companies and big business.

There is no basis in fact for anything they are attempting to accomplish. In states where they have imposed caps on medical malpractice recoveries insurance premiums have actually increased for doctors.

The reality is this Bill will only serve to line the pockets of big business and insurance companies. Our right to a jury trial is under attack, and the name they use for this type of law is "Tort Reform". They call it this because people think that it is will be good for them and save them money from crazy juries...that is complete nonsense. Do not be fooled, these changes will only hurt those of us who become injured and will not reduce any our insurance rates. Just so you know, almost all large jury verdicts are reduced by the Trial court and then even further reduced by the Appellate Courts. Even many not so large verdicts are reduced. You only hear about the occasional crazy verdict in the news, never about the reductions and what the person actually is MUCH different.

These Bills are being written behind closed doors because they want to try to pass them before people like us realize what has been taken away.

Below please find the link for you to instantly send a letter to your respective representatives and senators to oppose the assault on our civil justice system. This will take you less than one minute.


Thanks so much,
Mark Freeley
Manager Partner, Buttafuoco & Associates


Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Choosing an attorney: Know what to expect.

how to choose a car accident lawyer
If you are looking to hire an attorney, there must be something important happening in your life. That’s why choosing the right attorney is incredibly important. You must find someone competent, experienced in the area that you need help in, and with whom you can personally connect and build trust

The best way to start your search is to get referrals from friends, Family and personal acquaintances. Once you have a name and number, call to schedule a consultation. Initial consultations are often free. When you meet, the attorney will want to know all about your case. There are also several things you will want to know about the attorney before making a hiring decision. To know what to ask about in your initial consultation, you need to know what to expect from an attorney. You should be able to expect the following if you have a good attorney.

Choosing an attorney. Know what to expect.

  • The attorney you will hire to represent you should be experienced and knowledgeable in the area(s) of law relevant to your case

  • No attorney can see the future, but they should be able to Estimate, based on experience, potential time frames, possible awards, and the relative Strength of your case
  • Your attorney should clearly state their fee structure. Most charge hourly flat or contingency fee. They should also be able to explain other costs that may come up during the process

  • If an attorney takes your case, they should be willing to go to trial and have the experience needed to win

  • A good attorney will keep you informed about the progress of your case. Ask how they will do this for you.

  • You should know who exactly you will be working on your case- the attorney you are meeting with or someone else at the firm. You should meet with whoever will be representing you.
  • Your attorney should be willing to pay personal attention to your case and respond to any phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner.    

  •  Any attorney who wishes to represent you should be willing to promise to  respect your privacy and keep your information confidential.  

  •  Every attorney  should be keeping up- to- date with changes in the law by actively continuing their education

  • Your attorney isn’t the only one who will have responsibilities, you do too. Your attorney should be able to tell you what these responsibilities may be